NuGet Packages

Core Packages

These are the base packages for each platform, together with the Prism's Core assembly as a cross-platform PCL.

Platform Assembly Package Version
PCL Prism.dll Prism.Core Prism.Core badge
WPF Prism.Wpf.dll Prism.Wpf Prism.WPF badge
Xamarin.Forms Prism.Forms.dll Prism.Forms Prism.Forms badge
Windows 10 UWP Prism.Windows.dll Prism.Windows Prism.Windows badge

Container-specific packages

Each supported IoC container has its own package assisting in the setup and usage of that container together with Prism. The assembly is named using this convention: Prism.Container.Platform.dll, e.g. Prism.Unity.Wpf.dll.

Following matrix shows the platform specific support currently available.

Package Version WPF Win10 UWP Xamarin.Forms
Prism.Autofac (*) Prism.Autofac badge X X
Prism.Autofac.Forms Prism.Autofac.Forms badge - - X
Prism.DryIoc Prism.DryIoc badge X - -
Prism.DryIoc.Forms Prism.DryIoc.Forms badge - - X
Prism.Mef (**) Prism.Mef badge X - -
Prism.Ninject (*) Prism.Ninject badge X
Prism.Ninject.Forms Prism.Ninject.Forms badge - - X
Prism.StructureMap Prism.StructureMap badge X
Prism.Unity (*) Prism.Unity badge X X
Prism.Unity.Forms Prism.Unity.Forms badge - - X

(*) As Xamarin Forms also supports UWP now, adding Prism.Unity, Prism.Ninject, or Prism.Autofac puts in some incorrect dependencies. Therefore we created a new package for Xamarin Forms projects.

(**) MEF is supported with WPF for compatibility with previous versions. It will not be added to Windows 10 UWP or Xamarin Forms.

Note that adding the container-specific package to your project, will also pull in the correct platform-specific package and the core PCL library. E.g. when you'd like to use Unity in a WPF project, add the Prism.Unity package and the rest will be pulled in as well.

NuGet package tree

Overview of assemblies

To recapitulate the packages described above, this is the list of all assemblies added to your solution by Prism 6 depending on the container and platform used.

Prism PCL

Assembly Package
Prism.dll Prism.Core


Assembly Package
Prism.Wpf.dll Prism.Wpf
Prism.Unity.Wpf.dll Prism.Unity
Prism.Mef.Wpf.dll Prism.Mef
Prism.Autofac.Wpf.dll Prism.Autofac
Prism.StructureMap.Wpf.dll Prism.StructureMap
Prism.Ninject.Wpf.dll Prism.Ninject
Prism.DryIoc.Wpf.dll Prism.DryIoc


Assembly Package
Prism.Forms.dll Prism.Forms
Prism.Unity.Forms.dll Prism.Unity.Forms
Prism.Ninject.Forms.dll Prism.Ninject.Forms
Prism.Autofac.Forms.dll Prism.Autofac.Forms
Prism.DryIoc.Forms.dll Prism.DryIoc.Forms

Universal Windows Platform

Assembly Package
Prism.Windows.dll Prism.Windows
Prism.Unity.Windows.dll Prism.Unity
Prism.Autofac.Windows.dll Prism.Autofac